uHaul Discounts

U haul rental discounts

U haul rental discounts provides discount offers to customers while booking trucks and trailers from the U haul. U haul is the leading trading company situated in the United States that provides service to nearly 2,800 locations across the country. There are more than 30,000 trucks available in rental store. Trucks, trailers, storage, hitches, propane, boxes and moving supplies are the vehicles that are provided by the Uhaul for rental to customers.

For the customers who are working towards the shifting of their homes from one place to another, the U Haul is a great way of transportation. They provide complete damage coverage option to the goods that are being carried through the trucks. They help in the safe, comfort and damage free transport of the household items from one place to another. They provide the finance facility if any damage occurs to the products while shipping. They provide the service for both domestic and commercial purposes. They also provide 24 hour emergency road service to help  customers at any locations at any time. These trucks are featured with the gentle ride suspension that provides smoother drive on any kind of roads. They also consist of the rub rails on all the inner sides of the trucks so as to protect the customers’ belongings. These trucks are also consisted of spacious rooms for the accommodations of a lot of items.

U haul rental discounts provides about 5% to 20% discount offer to the customers. For this discount purpose the customers should book the trucks in advance, preferably before 24 hours. The discount offer is applicable to the actual fare that is being collected. The actual fare changes with the different locations. The starting rental price of the U haul trucks is the $14.85. These trucks are also capable of towing if required. The transportation for the commercial purposes is not provided with the discount offers. These trucks also provide easy loading facility to the customers. The trailers that are being provided by this U haul are aerodynamic, lightweight and low profile. These trailers can be attached to the trucks or other vehicles by means of the trailer hitches. Some of the discount offers work in the day basis. That is they may remain valid during the Mondays to Thursdays and remain invalid in the other days.

Customers are allowed to use only one discount offer at a particular time. Thus the multiple discounts are not permitted to the same customers at the same time. The discount offers are subjected to be changed according to the locations. Some places are offered with huge discounts while some are provided with the lesser discount rates. There are various sizes of the trucks and trailers available to the customers. The customer has to book the trucks or the trailers of the required size for carrying the goods  early inorder to enjoy the discount offer.